Ice Roller Face Massager Facial On Sale
Ice Roller Face Massager Facial

Ice Roller Face Massager Facial

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Ice Roller Face Massager Facial


CE/ ROHS certificates approved


Professional ODM / OEM is supported

Product function: 
1. Shrink the blood vessels, make the capillary pores tight, and greatly improve the space for capillary pores.
2. Strengthen collagen fibers to make skin firm and elastic, smoothing wrinkles and crow's feet.
3. Hazardous waste that shrinks blood vessels, effectively reduces red ribs and floats at any time, is more easily purified and detoxified, and has a significant effect on the desalination and elimination of plaques.
4. Reduce the metabolic rate, inhibit the slowing of cell activity, reduce the sensitivity of peripheral nerves, play a calming and soothing role, offset the reduction of skin, swelling, swelling, pain, especially good for 
allergic skin.


Professional ODM / OEM is supported

1. Ice Roller is for Face and Body Massage for home use.
2. For sensitive skin, it can calm and alleviate allergic skin more quickly and effectively. Ice Roller can be also used

daily to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. It is a simple and easy device that makes your life
convenient without melting ice.
3. Eliminate redness, edema, anti pruritic and pouch, it is a facial beauty tool that solves many skin discomforts 
caused by allergies.
4. The effect is very good for red face in the air-conditioned room.
5. Ice Roller at home and use it before and after laser treatment, Botox, micro needle therapy treatment and any
cosmetic procedure.
6. Use Ice Roller on your eyes when you feel fatigue. It refreshes. Roll over on any part of your body for instant
pain relief. It is a must have item at home for minor injury, burn and insect bites without making mess with 
melted ice.
7. It can also be used as a supplement for children with fever and fever.
8. After shaving, it will calm and soothe your skin.


Professional ODM / OEM is supported


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