Microcirculation Case Analysis On Sale
Microcirculation Case Analysis
Microcirculation Case Analysis
Microcirculation Case Analysis

Microcirculation Case Analysis

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Microcirculation case analysis:


(1) Hypertension: Enter sticks spasm, slender, showing hook-shaped pipe loop. Reduce the number of blood vessels, blood flow velocity faster.

(2) coronary artery disease: to reduce the number of loop tube, severe deformity, lower output and papillary venous plexus branch expansion, stasis. Erythrocyte aggregation, slow blood flow, blood plasma separation, severe blood was sand-like.

(3) hypotension: pipe loop hidden, more gentle, stiffness, redness of the skin lighter, slow blood flow or stagnation.

(4) chronic bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary heart disease: reducing the number of pipe loops, loop short loop or only see the top or disappear, pipe loop deformity, nipple vein dilation, blood flow is slow. Senile chronic bronchitis, which pipe loop than normal, but between milk under severe venous plexus dilatation.

(5) Diabetes: pipe loop fuzzy, deformity, the wall is not smooth, common flocculent pipe loop, blood viscosity is high, the flow rate is slow, sometimes dotted line shape.

(6) Liver: pipe loop deformity, not smooth, oozing or bleeding, severe red blood cell aggregation, blood flow is slow, severe venous plexus obvious.

(7) peripheral vascular disease (vasculitis): reduce the number of pipe loops, deformity, loop top bleeding, oozing or bleeding, blood flow is slow uneven.

(8) Rheumatology: pipe loop length extension spasms disappeared, pulse movement dilated, blood, red blood cell aggregation, thrombosis obvious, slow flow.

(9) Kidney Disease: pale background, loop week exudation, bleeding, blood stasis classes, reducing the number of pipe loops is not clear, uneven thickness, pipe loop tortuous twisting, spasms end arterioles, venules end opposite the relaxation, flow It slowed down.

(10) atherosclerosis: pipe loop deformation, distortion, wall coarse "twist" and "cross" shape more and bigger blood viscosity, slow blood flow level.




a) monitor switch, the contrast to the maximum (clockwise rotation), the brightness to mid-range high (clockwise rotation). b) Fold the left nameless nails painted less oil (or paraffin oil), on the finger seat, align the bottom of the objective lens, microscope coarse hand wheel rotation, alignment focus, until a clear picture appears on the monitor screen. At the same time, then adjust the monitor's contrast and brightness, with no glare and image clarity as well. (Note: The microscope focusing hand wheel adopts the international advanced common rail coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism when the first rotation coarse hand wheel to locate the image, and then fine-tune the hand wheel is adjusted to the image is clear, the focus is very convenient, easy. As found in the coarse handwheel is too loose or too tight, you can rotate the dancer hand rotation properly adjusted, that is, not adjusted to the decline and lift freely.)



1. Place in a cool, dry, no dust, no acid, no-place.

2. The air relative humidity less than 60%.

3. When moving, before installation if two temperature difference, room temperature should be adapted to the use of the instrument, in order to prevent the optical lens fogging, mildew.

The objective has been parity, can not disassemble. Dust on the mirror ball blow hair available, or gently wipe with a clean brush (or lens cleaning paper).

5. The camera target surface is dusty, slightly soiled cotton xylene gently wipe test, turn gently rub outward from the center of the target surface wipe.

6. The objective should be taken to avoid being hit.

7. Keep the instrument surface clean.


a) Check the grid voltage before use, shall comply with AC220V ± 10% standard.

After & b) cut off the power after use.

c) Replace the mercury and halogen lamps should unplug the power cord, and then open the shell careful not to damage the lamps.

d) Be sure to use a three-phase power line socket, be sure to ground protection.



Input AC input:100-240V50/60Hz DC


Objective:10X,effective range 25mm

Objective type:Achromatization

Mechanical stage:X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage

Focusing mechanism:Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment

Inner dimming:LED cold light

Type:I or B

Power:12V,1A, DC power source

Built-in camera:2048*1536 pixels

LCD monitor: 8inch color LCD monitor

Certificate:CE approved


Computer: Support Window XP/Windows 7

Inner package:Plastic box, memory foam

Out package:Corrugated box

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